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Exporting Repository Entry Metadata

This page explains how to enable metadata export from a repository and where to find the exported files. The metadata file hosts information about a repository entry written in JSON (essentially it's the same information you would get from a GET request).

If you want to export the whole repository, see Exporting and Importing Repository Configuration

You need administrator priviledges for this operation.

  1. Log in to ADx.

  2. Go to the Administration area.

  3. Go to Repositories and enable metadata storage on the target repository:

  4. Synchronize the repository. This is necessary to bring configuration change online. From this point onwards, all newly created and updated entries will have their metadata files written.

  5. From now on, having created or updated an entry, you can find the corresponding metadata .json files written in the _meta folder inside the repository content storage directory. By default, you can find this folder in ${TRIBEFIRE_INSTALLATION_ROOT_DIR}/../repository-resources/content/_meta.

Metadata files are stored similarly to contents - in folders created from the time stamp. For example, file written at 14:30 on 24/02/2020 will be stored under 2002 (which stands for February 2020) / 2414 (24th day 14 hours) / 1430 (14h 30 min).

The file is written in JSON, showing all information available for the entry, including id, name, and resource data:

{"_type": "tribefire.adx.model.content.Content", "_id": "0",
 "active": true,
 "chronicalId": "1a6d2513-3023-4c69-adcd-465345497f5b",
 "createdAt": "2020-02-24T14:14:29.671+0100",
 "createdBy": "cortex",
 "entryType": "CONTENT",
 "id": "2a847174-bff9-483a-a682-182090471663",
 "lastModifiedAt": "2020-02-24T14:14:29.671+0100",
 "lastModifiedBy": "cortex",
 "name": "nothing_selected_message",
 "owner": "cortex",
 "partition": "access.adx.content.default",
 "resource": {"_type": "com.braintribe.model.resource.Resource", "_id": "1",
  "created": "2020-02-24T14:14:29.671+0100",
  "creator": "cortex",
  "fileSize": 87187,
  "id": "703f33dc-1425-44f4-a803-5caa0d2baeef",
  "md5": "45391e46203f2a815971bf7b6cc83459",
  "mimeType": "image/png",
  "name": "nothing_selected_message.png",
  "partition": "access.adx.content.default",
  "resourceSource": {"_type": "com.braintribe.model.resource.source.FileSystemSource", "_id": "2",
   "id": "b5241fc2-caf2-4a6a-9d1c-b43a924a41fd",
   "partition": "access.adx.content.default",
   "path": "2002/2414/1429/01333782-a893-48cd-8ea6-6a9f5bc741f9"
  "specification": {"_type": "com.braintribe.model.resource.specification.RasterImageSpecification", "_id": "3",
   "heightInCm": 0.0,
   "id": 589,
   "pageCount": 1,
   "partition": "access.adx.content.default",
   "pixelHeight": 935,
   "pixelWidth": 1908,
   "widthInCm": 0.0
 "version": "1.0",
 "versionStatus": "CURRENT"