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Reindexing Contents in ADx

When Should I Reindex Contents?

You may notice that fulltext search is not indexing all contents in your repository. This happens in a situation where contents have been uploaded to a repository before fulltext search was available. The following scenarios would result in such a situation:

  • You have just connected an external repository (such as Documentum) to ADx, the contents of which have been uploaded earlier (that is, without using ADx).
  • Contents have been uploaded to a repository when fulltext search was disabled.

If you recognize one of the above scenarios in your system, it means that content reindexing is necessary, to make sure that fulltext search works as expected on all contents in your repository. This document explains how to do it from the ADx interface (you can also do it with REST - see Reindexing Contents via REST API).

Reindexing Contents

  1. Log in to ADx. Open the repository where you want to reindex contents.

  2. Highlight the content (or multiple contents) to be reindexed. Select the Reindex option:

    Reindexing process starts, as indicated by the message (which you can also browse in message history after it has disappeared):

  3. After the reindexing has finished (which is indicated by a confirmation message), your content should be correctly indexed from now on. Try searching for content text to verify that this is the case!


ADx REST API offers more comprehensive reindexing features, such as reindexing multiple contents by ID or by condition. For details, see Reindexing Contents via REST API.