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Content Versioning

When you upload a content to ADx, its Version Status is set to Working Copy. After the first check-in, status changes to Current and Version changes to 1.0:

Note that you cannot see the preview of a working copy.

Later, when you want to work with the content again, you need to check it out:

Status changes to Working Copy again and you can make your changes.

Having finished working with the content, you need to check in the content again. Version is automatically increased according to the mode you select (New-Major or New-Minor):

Check-in operation:

Selecting the check-in mode:

When you check in a content, its Version Status changes to Current and all other copies have the status Previous. However, all versions of the same content share the same Chronical Id.

To view all versions of a content instance:

  1. Select the content.
  2. Click More.
  3. Click Versions.

When you select a content instance, you can view versioning information for on the right-side panel under Versioning.


Versioning operations are also exposed via ADx REST API.